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Algúns coñecementos para o cableado de CCTV


Algunhascoñecementopara CCTV Wirritante


Connexions Technology is professional manufacturer paraRG58,RG59, RG6 Coaxial Cables para CCTV Wirritante. Nósare going to share some coñecementoparaCCTV Wirritantecomo a continuación.


First of all, you need to understand the wires used paramonitoring. Common surveillance cameras use: CCTV V coaxialcables ideo eDCcables de alimentación. OIPa cámara usa unEthernetcable, directamentePoAlimentación eléctrica E.. Para cámaras de vixilancia analóxica e de longa distancia son necesarias fibras ópticas.Nósa maioría utilizan fibra monomodo paralong distance transmission.


Nósmainly talk about wire laying methods and points of aatención:


The monitoring outdoor wirritante can be overhead, along the wall or buried in the ground.

Wire troughs or bridges are generally used parawirritante in monitoring rooms. Common wire troughs are used in monitoring engineering rooms, and bridges are needed in large monitoring rooms.


Either way, you must use a wire tube to thread the wire, and you must protect the wire as much as possible, on the one hand to extend the service life of the wire, and on the other hand, parathe appearance of the wirritante.


Máis aatencións paraCCTV Cable Wirritante


1. For monitoring wirritante, you must choose suitable wires in advance to ensure voltage stability and not affect the normal operation of the camera.


2. O wirritante route should pay aatención to the surrounding environment, avoid the interference of strong magnetic field, and arrange the shielded wire if there is interference.


3. O monitoring wirritante must separate the strong current and the weak current, and route the respective pipelines to prevent strong current interference.


4. Ore can be no end nodes in the middle of the video cable. Also try to avoid connecting points in the middle of the power cord, in case there is a wire box must be installed.


5. Both ends of the monitoring wirritante must be marked to facilitate the debugging work and the maintenance and repair in the future.


Understand these basic coñecementoand precautions, after completing the construction of the monitoring project, a series of debugging troubles will not appear.